Recipe from July 23: Summer Chopped Salad

Summer Chopped Salad

The ingredients we used

The ingredients we used

Use whatever greens and other veggies that strike your fancy, but tomato is key if you want to go without any dressing and/or seasoning.

Start with chopping enough greens into bite size or smaller pieces to provide a loosely packed cup or more per serving.  Then, using amounts that make for a nice blend of taste and texture, chop the remaining veggies small, grating the yellow squash for a contrasting look and texture.

To end, finely slice or chop a fresh basil leaf or two per cup. That’s it! Especially if freshly picked, the veggies shine on their own. But, you can always add salt, pepper, or a light dressing to taste.

demo saladAt the cooking demo, we used chi-sin and pea tendrils from Flats Mentor Farm, a cucumber from Kelly’s Farm, and tomato, yellow squash, and basil from Farmer Dave’s.


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