Quick Preview – August 20 Market Day: Tower Beverages, Betty’s Bounce, Stock Up on Cheese!

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Betty’s Bounce

You will find all the news here on Friday, but for now, here is the
August 20, 2016 Market Day

HEAD’S UP: The Fish Lady will  NOT be here this Saturday 8/20 but will be back for the rest of the season on 8/27. In the meantime, you can reach Michelle via 781-929-5358 or [email protected]

NEWSFLASH: West River Creamery and Vermont Gourmet Candy Dish will NOT be here August 27 or September 3, so stock up this week! They will be back on September 10.

Here are just a few highlights:

  • Music by Betty’s Bounce
  • Tower Beverages
  • Downeast Cider House
  • Henna Art – Last Visit of the Season
  • Sheepshed
  • A Lake Breeze, and, at this point, not so good for our farmers, no rain…
Kelly's Farm ready for the day

Kelly’s Farm ready for the day

See you at the market!

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