Our 2016 Opening Day is Saturday June 18! Come and Support Your Local Farmers and More!

Coming Soon!  We can hardly wait!

Coming Soon! We can hardly wait!

More news and updates to come, but be sure to mark ALL your Saturdays 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. starting June 18 through October 15, 2016 so you don’t miss a market day of our 8th season!

A line at Pour Man's Coffee. What a surprise - not!

A line at Pour Man’s Coffee. What a surprise – not!


Most of our vendors are coming back and we may see a few new ones, as well. There will also be more “littlest vendors” gracing the tents.  Both Joe and Mike of Pour Man’s Coffee welcomed little one into their families in February, and Farmer Dave and Farmer Jane of Farmer Dave’s are expecting twins! AND, this year, Lilac Hedge Farm will be coming every week this season!

Some sad news is that Charlton Orchards and Copicut Farms won’t be with us this season.

I had a lovely chat with Patty and Nate Sr., who are sad because they really loved being in Wakefield and will really miss all of you who shopped with them.  But, with the girls moving on in new directions, someone needs to be at the farm on Saturdays since that is their biggest “pick you own” and farm stand day. The good news is that you can visit Patty and Nate Sr, and Nate Jr. at Charlton Orchards Thursdays-Mondays or Patty and Nate Sr. at the Lexington Farmers Market on Tuesdays or the Wayland Farmers Market on Wednesdays.  This is probably one of the only times I have been wishing our market was not on a weekend day!

Gorgeous produce from Flats Mentor Farm

Gorgeous produce from Flats Mentor Farm

With Kelly’s Farm, Farmer Dave’s, and Flats Mentor Farm we will be sure to have plenty of beautiful produce for all.   To bring a silver lining, we can use this summer to help Flats Mentor Farm really shine through special cooking demonstrations and education about the farming program helping immigrants become successful farmers and bring even more fresh produce to our markets and tables.

We will miss Copicut Farms, with their lovely chicken, eggs, and pork, too.  But, as noted above, Tom and Ryan of Lilac Hedge Farm will be sure to come every week and bring plenty of everything they offer!

Bottom line is that we will have at least 32 vendors, including 8 agricultural vendors (five produce/livestock/poutry/dairy-cheese farmers, 1 maple farm, and one wine and one hard cider), 15 specialty food vendors, and 9 artisans, with an average of 21 vendors per week, 3-4 of which will be artisans. With new cooking demo plans and a wider variety of music on the schedule, it will be great year.  See you at the market!

We love our lakeside location.

We love our lakeside location.

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