It’s National Farmers Market Week!

Click HERE  to get the scoop on this annual event and scroll down to the info-graphic showing how farmers market improve many aspects of our lives.

*Be sure to stop by our Market Manager tent and get your tattoo!  Really! See #5 below to learn about the contest!*

And here is how you can help, courtesy of the Farmers Market Coalition:

1. Visit your local farmers market – obviously! Meet a friend, take your family, or just spend a relaxing day by yourself taking in the fun and festivities. Click here to find a farmers market near you.

2. Support the farmers! Did you know farmers receive only 15 cents of every food dollar that shoppers spend at traditional food retail outlets, like grocery stores? But when you shop at a farmers market, 100% of your food dollar goes directly to the farmer. So be sure to buy some farm-fresh food when you visit. Your support is particularly important to new and young farmers, who rely on farmers markets to grow their business.

3. Become a volunteer! It takes a lot of work to operate a farmers market, and often with limited staff and a tight budget. Reach out to your local market and find out how you can help.

4. Spread the word! Tell your friends and family why you love farmers markets, and encourage them to become regular shoppers. Become an influencer for local agriculture; share your market’s social media posts, or create some of your own. Be sure to follow FMC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and share our posts about the benefits of farmers markets, too.

5. Join the fun! Enter FMC’s #LoveMyMarket Instagram Contest and show us why you love your market (contest kicks off August 1). Use the hashtag #farmersmarketweek August 5-11, and #lovemymarket throughout the month of August. Help us get these hashtags trending!

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